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If you're a 'Vlog' watcher then you're sure to have seen the 'Seamstress Tag' doing the rounds. Today's offering is my answers to the twelve set questions set out by Hollie of 'Hollie Sews'.

As usual I'm fairly late to the party so won't be nominating anyone personally (most have beaten me to the punch!) but if you have yet to get involved you're very welcome to! The questions are as follows:

  • Who are you?
  • When / Why did you start sewing?
  • Favourite/Proudest make?
  • Disastrous make?
  • Favourite place for fabric shopping?
  • Most used pattern?
  • Most dreaded sewing task?
  • Favourite sewing task?
  • Favourite sewing entertainment?
  • Printed or PDF?
  • What sewing machine do you use?
  • Any other hobbies?

Today's Links:

Melilot Blouse // Moss Skirt // Bruyere Shirt // Nettie Bodysuit // Scout Tee

Pinegrove // Frederic Chopin: Barcarolle Op.60 (Martha Argerich)

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