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Hi Everyone! So it's been a little while but after much persuasion I've finally dived in and started a vlog for the store. This is dipping my toe in with the very first entry talking about my latest make, a Grainline Studio Moss Mini, and discussing the adjustments I needed.

I thought seeing how these pattern adjustments were actually executed might be of interest to some of you who I know are just starting out with garment making.

Too much info? Not enough? Let me know!! If anything was at all unclear then do drop me a comment with your questions below. I'd also love to hear any suggestions of things you'd like to see! I have several more in the pipeline including sewing plans / WIP's and some product features (waving fabric about!) but I'm all ears.

As a bit of a technopobe this is all very new and scary... so be nice!


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Grainline Studio Moss Mini

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  1. Sue

    I enjoyed this video, I found you via the seamstress tag on You Tube Elizabeth B who said she visits your shop, it's a great feeling of community being able to watch these videos especially if you are too far away to pop into the shop, it will be nice to see the fabric drape before you buy. I particularly like the sewing tips as I have made a few skirts now but don't have a lot of idea about fitting and I have a smaller waist/larger hips so it really made sense to me to shape the waist, (I usually end up pulling it down to sit on my hips! Haha! ) I think most people would feel odd talking to a camera but you came across very friendly, professional and informative . Thanks

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  2. Tracy

    I enjoyed meeting you tonight Marie, thank you for all the advice you gave me and I look forward to being able to show you my Moss skirt very soon. You are a natural on the vlog btw.

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  3. Sarah

    I popped into the shop today and saw this gorgeous Moss skirt in real life. Whilst it looks great on camera it is twice as nice first hand. The finishing is spectacular and really proves how much more special a handmade garment will be... I can't help thinking that everyone else would like to see the seam finishing if there is a photo to hand. I spent a most enjoyable lunch break in the shop today. Not only was it a joy to admire the beautiful fabrics but I really enjoyed chatting about sewing plans, sharing tips and generally wallowing in sewing pleasure. It was tempting to stay all day :)

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