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Hello Sunshine! We're having a heatwave here in Bristol which I am enjoying immensely. Nothing like a blast of sunshine to blow away the cobwebs. We recently welcomed Deer&Doe patterns to SEWN HQ and I couldn't wait to dive in and make myself a 'Melilot' blouse.

Today I'm sharing a few quick snaps of my breezy cuffed version in our lovely linen-look cotton from the 'SEWN Basics' range.


This one's a wearable toile made with zero fit alterations and I have to say for once it's pretty darn good straight from the envelope! I think a drapier fabric like our viscose solids would yield a softer less boxy look (particularly when tucked in) but I'm totally ok with this version as is. I just love the collar shape! I'm on a bit of a collar kick of late.

I threw it on hot off of the machine, tucked into my 'Arielle' skirt for a whopping 15 snaps in one outfit! (What can I say, I love me some snaps!). Whilst we're on the subject, the store carries a range including these plastic colour snaps by Prym, and some sturdier metal 'Anorak' snaps great for denim. These (along with the rest of the haberdashery in store) will eventually be uploaded for purchase online. If you're fearful of buttonholes, or your machine isn't keen then snaps are a quick and easy option!


Construction wise the only changes I made were hand stitching my collar stand closed instead of topstitching and to use some self bias tape at the deep scooped hem instead of turning it.

For me, this pattern is a winner. There are definitely more of these in my future! Perhaps a sheer one next? I've added a Deer&Doe board to the SEWN Pinterest profile to gather a little inspiration.

Happy Sewing friends! x

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  1. Elissa Bean

    Hi! I have a question! I just started this pattern and I'm on step two where it says to put interfacing on where I will place the buttonholes on one front side and interfacing on the side with the buttons. Then it says to fold on the fold lines, press, and edge-stitch. I'm confused because the buttons and the buttonhole aren't on the exact same spot for both the left and the right side. Did you put the interfacing on the exact same area for both the left and the right side?

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  2. Oh I remember those bright days of summer. Oh, wait, it's still supposed to be summer, bloomin' rain. Anyway, looks great Marie! There's something about the crispness of a shirt that just makes you feel profesh, and goes well with the Arielle (rhyming not intended). I really need to get you to show me how to perfect snaps (once I'd attached all of mine, they wouldn't actually snap together *headscratch*). I think a sheer one would look really nice!

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