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If you follow SEWN on Instagram then you will have already spotted that I'm working on a pair of 'Jamie' jeans by Named Clothing. Just as I did with my previous 'Pattern Inspiration' post for my 'Nettie' bodysuit, I've been collating bits and pieces to help make some design decisions for my new handmade jeans so I thought I'd share a little progress report.

I bought some inexpensive indigo denim locally for a toile. It has 5% stretch content which is actually a little high as about 2-3% is recommended to ensure that the garment doesn't stretch out over time but as this garment is intended to simply try out some new skills and test the fit I went with it as a starting point. For my next pair I'll invest in some high quality denim online.

Topstitching Choices

I pondered topstitching colours for some time and had a great conversation on Instagram about the fine balance between giving handmade garments personality but keeping them wearable. Sometimes I have to employ the 'Just because I can, doesn't mean I should!' attitude to ensure that I end up with a garment I feel comfortable wearing. Thanks to this the teal topstitching thread was cast aside in favour of 'Jubilee Blue'.

So as per my last post a few inspirational Jamies from blogland... Gorgeous simple black pair with leather pocket trim by Christie of 'Lemon Squeezy Home', and a great wardrobe staple indigo pair by Lindsay at 'Design by Lindsay'.

Christie's Jamie

Lindsay's Jamie

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My pair have been basted and fitted and currently remain a WIP so I'll return with pictures once they're finished! In the meantime there's more 'Jamie' eyecandy on the SEWN Pinterest board below. You can purchase your copy of the pattern here.

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