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 Morning Sewists! A wardrobe of 100% handmade wearable garments may be the dream, but this year I'm simply setting my sights on making over buying wherever practical and broadening my sewing skills to tackle wardrobe gaps such as jeans. However let's not get ahead of ourselves, I'm starting small(s). 

I read a great post by Zoe over at 'So, Zo...' last year regarding her newfound 'Pants Self-Sufficiency'. What a great feeling to throw away that final pair of somewhat sorry looking store bought pants in favour of an array of handmade lovelies!? A manageable place to start and even better, Zoe has a free downloadable pattern (see below, used with permission).

Pants by Zoe of 'So, Zo...'

3 pairs of 'Watson' bikini briefs by Amy of 'Cloth Habit' are already lurking in my drawers drawer (*chuckle* -couldn't resist) so Im adding to their number with a couple of new pairs.

I dived into my stash and found some jersey offcuts and elastic so you could say that these pairs were free (maybe?... yeah we'll say free). I got lucky in finding some vintage lace, passed down from my mum, which is a pretty good colour match for the scalloped edge elastic on my Watsons.



I didn't go mad with the lace as it's non-stretch which could affect the fit, so I just added a little at either side seam using 505 to temporarily spray baste it into place. The inner edge is secured with a small zig-zag stitch which is almost unnoticeable. I think the addition of lace really pretties up otherwise utilitarian marl.


Zoe's pattern calls for fold over elastic which I didn't have. In my usual 'Devil-May-Care' manner I just rolled with it using what I had to hand. Unsurprisingly as I didn't allow extra seam allowance, the crotch is a little on the narrow side post elastic turning. Despite looking somewhat disproportonate flat because of this, they fit really well.

They sit a little higher on the hips than the Watsons and have more of an arch in the back waist for a bit more derriere coverage. This elastic is much more firm than the coral so thinking about elastic fatigue I tried a larger zig-zag (3Lx3W) however I much prefer the look of the daintier 2Lx2W. I finished them with a small hand tied bow on each leg seam, because -why not?




Have you tried your hand at knickers? If you're tempted, they're so quick and satisfying to make! If you need a little extra support then 'Cloth Habit' is a wealth of advice on all sorts of lingerie techniques including elastic application.

Happy sewing friends! x

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  1. Jemma Jones

    I love these!!!! I really must bite the bullet and make myself a pair!

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  2. Sarah

    Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed reading this with a smile throughout...I've dappled my toe in knicker making in the past, not altogether successful but reading this has inspired me to have another go!!

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